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Description: Nanotechnology-based water repellent designed to vertical and tilted surfaces of porous materials (including low porosity materials). It is a very high performance and transparent hydrophobic solution to protect materials against the damaging action of water and humidity.

Applications: Marble, Slate, Granite, Limestone, Sandstone, Wood, Concrete, Brick, Plaster, Alabaster, etc.

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Description: Nanotechnology-based water and oil repellent with very good performance. Hydrophobic and anti-stain solution with abrasion resistance designed for both vertical and horizontal surfaces of porous materials.

Applications: Marble, Slate, Granite, Limestone, Sandstone, Wood, Concrete, Brick, Plaster, WPC (Wood composite), Hydraulic mosaic, Terrazzo, Alabaster, etc.

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Description: TECNADIS METALCOAT "Easy-To-Clean" is a highly-durable nanocoating for protection and easy cleaning of metal surfaces due to its hydrophobic and oleophobic properties. It protects from corrosion, impacts and scratching. This product avoids polluting particles and food leftovers from sticking to the surface, simplifying cleaning tasks.


  • Home appliances (gas cooktops, ovens, fridges, exhaust hoods...)
  • Hostelry (industrial kitchens)
  • Kitchenware manufacturers
  • Food processing industries (food processing plants)
  • Vending machines
  • Heat exchange equipment
  • Petrochemical industries
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industries
  • Industrial paint manufacturers
  • Plumbing, etc.

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Description: TECNADIS GWR is an innovative rain, snow and ice repellent product designed for vehicle windscreens. Thanks to its hydrophobic effect, raindrops barely touch the surface and roll until disappearing from the windshield. The result is an improved both day and night visibility when driving without needing the use of wipers.

Applications: Windshields, windows and crystals of all kinds of vehicles (cars, trucks, trains, buses, etc.).

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Description: High quality water repellent solution for indoor and outdoor glass which creates a protective coat against liquids and avoids that lime stains and other substances/dirt are deposited over the glass surface, reducing notably the cleaning frequency of treated surfaces.

Applications: Specially designed to be applied on both indoor (shower screen, etc.) and outdoor static glass.

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Description: Ultimate heat-barrier treatment for glass. It is an innovative nanotechnology based coating which blocks out the passing of Infrared (IR) solar radiation. Its outstanding blocking capacities achieves temperature decreases of about 25 %, reducing air conditioning demands in glass buildings.

Applications: Glazed buildings.

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Description: Nanotechnology-based superhydrophilic and anti-dust product for protecting both indoor and outdoor glass surfaces.

This product is an innovative superhydrophilic and anti-dust solution that provides self-cleaning properties to glasses. The superhydrophilic property allows water to contact the surface creating a thin layer which dries homogeneously, avoiding the appearance of water marks, and also reduces dust adhesion.

Applications: Outdoor and indoor surfaces. Applicable on both indoor and outdoor glasses such as shower-screens, windows, mirrors and solar panels, among other (exposed to the water/rain/dust action).

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Description: Nanotechnology-based anti-graffiti product that protects the porous surfaces against graffiti, paints, markers, indelible markers, etc., facilitating its cleaning and its elimination.

Applications: Suitable for the treatment of porous surfaces of terrazzo, marble, granite, concrete, ceramics (brick, tile), sandstone, and in general any construction substrate, both in exterior and interior applications.

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